Friday, January 27, 2017

Pastor's Column

                                  Fall...On Your Knees

     Autumn is now here, even though the temperature is trying its best to make the pool sound like the place to be rather than by the campfire. However, with the season inevitably come the vibrant colors of the leaves, the cooler weather, and we segue into winter.  Fall is really an intermittent season, a time of transition, not only from hot to cold, but the Church’s transition from Ordinary time into Advent.  Don’t fret; we’re a ways from Christmas, so there’s no need to begin worrying about the seasonal to-do list just yet. 

     With that being said, the time of transition has begun, and I would like to begin to shift our focus from where we are to where we’re going. What’s our mission as the Church here on the outskirts of Rome, GA?  How are we involved with our society and the work of God in the world?

     As the body of Christ, we are called to engage with the cultural injustices of our people countering their iniquities with proclamations of grace.  We are encouraged to participate with active hands striving to see the hurting move from their realm of suffering towards the life-giving love of God. 

     I want to propose to us all here at Barnsley UMC to fall on our knees during this time of transition and ask God a couple of things:

     1) To show us where and how we can join the redeeming work of Christ within our community, and

     2) How we can engage in worship throughout the week to further our love of God and neighbor.

     My hope is that as we enter Advent we will be able to better articulate our church’s mission statement and how it speaks to our desire to see disciples of Christ come alive and the reign in the kingdom of heaven on earth.



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