Friday, January 27, 2017

Pastor's Column

                                Make Up Your Mind

      So many decisions to be made.  Whole wheat or white bread?  Brown or black shoes? Go through town or take the bypass?  We sometimes become immobilized by simple decisions.  How did the conversation go when two or more people tried to decide which restaurant to go to for dinner?  We want to shout at ourselves, and others, “Make up your mind!”  It’s not always easy to decide which way we want to go.
      Lately, I’ve felt a bit that way about the weather.  Is it winter or spring?  Hot or cold? Sunshine or rain?  I want to shout at the weather, “Make up your mind!”  To quote Mark Twain, “Everybody talks about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it.” 
     We make up our minds everyday as we chose how we live our lives.  What we say and how we act are the results of our choices.  Are we open and warm to others or are we experienced as cold and closed?  Do others look to us as a kind person or do people avoid us due to prior exchanges? People do not have to overhear our conversations to understand our choices.  Our choices are lived out in our daily lives and the world sees the results of those choices.  Make up your mind.
     During this season of Lent as we move towards the Cross, we contemplate on our choices.  It may even be a time for us to make up our mind.  God offers us grace through Jesus Christ, and it’s free, but we have to decide.  Do we make up our mind to accept God’s love given to us through Jesus or do we chose to live our lives ignoring that divine love.  God’s mind was made up from the beginning of time to love us unconditionally.  As we approach Easter, we are confronted with the sacrifice of the Cross but we also experience the power of God’s love that even death does not overcome it. I hope that we all hear the loving, not demanding, voice of God asking us to “Make up our minds” and receive the grace of Christ.

 Springtime blessings,

The Friar


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