Friday, September 8, 2017

Pastor's Column

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                                 Our Foundation

There is nothing quite like moving and renovations to put things in perspective!  Going through both at the same time?  Well, maybe God’s grace is at work in us to teach us new lessons.  Clearly, God has a lot left to teach me for sure!
     In my second sermon here, I preached on Matthew 7:24-29, the parable of the two foundations.   Jesus points out that the one who DID what Jesus said to DO, was the person who became like a wise man, building on a good foundation of stone.  A good foundation for a building matters.  Our personal convictions matter.  Our character matters.  And yes, our faith matters.

In these first weeks here in Kingston, I have been blessed by coming to know two churches seeking to be faithful; churches building on the foundation of faith in Jesus Christ!  I see it in you - faithful followers of Jesus Christ, dependent on God’s grace and living faithfully the Gospel passed on to you.
     It is my hope and prayer during our time together, to serve as a shepherd, to walk along with you as we discern where God is working and leading us.  Starting on February 14, we begin the season of Lent, a time of reflection and discernment for the 40 days leading to Easter.  On Sunday mornings, I will begin a series of sermons called, “Messy.”  We will look at the lives of some of the Bible's main characters and reflect on their REAL LIVES, not the ones we imagine.  Then on Sunday evenings, I will be leading a Bible Study on “The Kingdom of God.”  This was one of Jesus’ main teachings - God has a Kingdom for all people, even those with messy lives.
     These first few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind but our foundation is sure.  I invite you to join with me as we seek to build a firm foundation, maybe renovate a little, maybe clean up a bit, but above all, seek the wisdom and grace of the grand and gracious designer of our hope and salvation, our loving God!

Loving Life!